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3 Forgotten Ways Cyberbullying Harms Children and Families - Effects of Cyberbullying 2021

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Growing up in the 21st century does have its own benefits - new technology, creative jobs, and fun new ways for people to connect on social media. But there is a dark side to these shiny new things. Cyberbullying is a horrible way that children are affected these days - the effects of cyberbullying ranging from hurting their confidence to giving them a sense of hopelessness. If you are dealing with cyberbullying attacks and the effects of cyberbullying, then please contact us for assistance with anti cyberbullying programs.

When people use cyberbullying as a phrase, the meaning tends to get diminished. You can forget that cyberbullying does not cause physical pain, but emotional and psychological trauma. To learn more about the effects of cyberbullying on children and families, check out our list below.

Self Confidence

Before focusing on any other members, it is important to acknowledge the effect cyberbullying has on the victim. No matter the style of online hate, the victim will experience an extreme hit to their self confidence and self love. It takes a strong will to stand up against insults, and sometimes we just aren’t prepared for how deep cyberbullying can cut.

A hit to one’s self confidence affects all areas of a victims life and it may manifest in different ways. Not being able to get out of bed in the morning affects a student’s school attendance, which affects their grades, which can affect their relationship with their family or their confidence in their life path. Just one hate comment online spirals and has long term effects, even if the bully didn’t intend to have a huge impact.

Humiliation and Permanency

Another way that bullying affects children and families is the nature that “everything on the internet is there forever.” Not many people know that this concept is actually an exaggeration of the lifespan of internet content. While this is an exaggeration, in the moment it feels like the constant attention and focus will not stop. It creates a horrible feeling of humiliation, making the victim get the sense that they can’t escape. We promise the humiliation will pass and there are ways to cope. Nothing is permanent and it will pass.

Families who are not educated on the cycle of cyberbullying will also feel frustrated about the attention on the family. It is important that families not blame the victim for any online humiliation and to keep the focus on protecting family members from any additional hurt. Stay focused on the goal of comforting the victim and getting them away from sources of cyberbullying, and don’t get swayed from any ideas that this humiliation will be permanent.

Feelings of Powerlessness

Dealing with cyberbullying can be super overwhelming and can make you feel powerless, especially when thinking about the obstacles it takes to stop a bully on the different apps. It’s important to note that taking action to report a bully to Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps is the first step in the process of stopping their attacks. While it may be hard to speed up the process, know that you took back your power in that action!

Take away the feelings of powerlessness by focusing on what you have control over. Spending time with supportive friends/family, with a therapist, or with online cyberbullying support forums is a way for you to have full control over the effects of cyberbullying.

You can also focus on daily self care and self love as a way to build up your guard against future cyberbullying attacks.

Forgotten Ways Cyberbullying Affects Children and Families

Are you experiencing cases of cyberbullying? Contact us online for quick responses on any of your questions and to find the support you need! Visit us on Instagram for updates on our amazing practices and wonderful staff in Tampa!

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