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How To Practice Self Love after Dealing with Effects of Cyberbullying - Updated 2021 Guide

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Whether you are currently dealing with the effects of cyberbullying or looking to protect yourself, self love is the most actionable and effective way to build a barrier between hate comments. Everyone is human and self love does not mean that you are immune to the effects of cyberbullying. But self love will help the comments to roll off your back and help you to not make any drastic reactions to cyberbullying.

Step 1: Don’t deny your feelings.

Remember that self love does not mean ignoring those negative feelings that pass through. Treat yourself by acknowledging your emotions. Are you feeling sad? Do you feel insecure? Notice how they make you feel and explore those feelings - allow yourself to cry! Ignoring these feelings causes us to hold onto negative emotions throughout our daily life.

After feeling your emotions, give yourself a hug for going through and exploring yourself. You are now able to let go of these feelings and move on without these negative thoughts holding you back.

Step 2: Remind yourself of your positive qualities and acknowledge yourself for what you’re working on.

Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. If you are having a moment where you can’t come up with things, then ask a friend/family member/coworker! Tape this list in a mirror and remind yourself of all the things that you are loved for.

If you are working on yourself, then make a list of all the improvements that you are making for yourself! Self improvement is one of the most admirable parts of one’s life. You should be proud of yourself for everything that you are working on improving.

Step 3: Identify ways that want to love and care for others, then apply them to yourself.

Take a step back and think about all the ways that you make decisions for others. Do you miss out on “me time” for others’ requests? Do you work a lot and don’t give yourself time to practice your passions? Are you constantly buying gifts or treating others?

Redirect those actions to yourself! Give yourself time to yourself, take a day off from work to go shopping, buy yourself flowers. Don’t wait on others to spoil you. You know yourself better than anyone else and you’ll know the best way to treat yourself!

Step 4: Keep up the work through positive self talk.

After performing these steps, one of the best ways to continue the self love work is to practice positive self talk. Watch your thought patterns and catch any ways that you talk yourself down or minimize yourself.

How To Practice Self Love after Dealing with Effects of Cyberbullying - Updated 2021 Guide

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